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Oct 30, 2012 7:00am EDT
these crimes. his defense has been arguing that the ammunition on the ground cannot be directly attributed to their clients and saying that the evidence was circumstantial. we are about to hear from him. >> he is serving a 27-year sentence. would that be in holland cholesteric is he going to move back closer to home -- all end? is he going to be moved back closer to home? >> he has been serving a sentence in the detention center here. he is with other suspected war criminals. >> thank you very much. let get more on hurricane sandy, battering large parts of the u.s. east coast. in maryland, our correspondent is following developments. a very different theme from new york where you are. >> that is exactly right. sandy was a monster. it is pretty cold but new york city was devastated. atlantic city was almost wiped out. that city is waking up this morning underwater. we are hearing reports of the hospital that was evacuated with hundreds of patients including small children that had to be rushed out of their. president barack obama declaring a disaster area in new york and we are hearing that
Nov 1, 2012 7:00am EDT
are being heard at the moment. the defense lawyer for costas vaxevanis dismissed these charges as outrageous and invalid. he said there was no proof at all that mr. vaxevanis had violated personal data because the list that was published simply had the names of over 2,000 greeks who are said to hold a bank account at hsbc in switzerland and the bank name itself. there was no data published on how much money was in these accounts or these bank account numbers. so when i spoke to him yesterday, he said this is not a breach of privacy. you do not go to your bank account in disguise, and he said that it's not he who should be in the dark, it is the ministers who he believes have covered up this list for the last two years and simply sat on it rather than following up a potentially serious case of tax evasion. >> i was struck, mark, by how little exposure in terms of the media his story has had in greece. what about the trial? >> there has been more coverage of his trial, and there's certainly been a lot of support for his trial and for his case, certainly his point of view in the social media he
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2